***Resources currently offered through Boise faith communities:

Lunch Bags to go:

Monday through Friday 11:30am-1pm Cathedral of the Rockies, (717 N 11th St)

Monday through Friday 9am-1pm St Michaels, (518 N 8th St)

Dinners to go:

Sundays, 1pm Cathedral of the Rockies, (717 N 11th St)

Tuesdays, 5pm Immanuel Lutheran, (707 W. Fort St)


  • 4th Wed 6pm-7pm: Hillview UMC (8525 W. Ustick Rd)

Thursdays, 6pm

  • 1st Thurs: 1st Presbyterian (950 W. State St)
  • 2nd Thurs: St Johns (815 N 8th St)
  • 3rd Thurs: Cathedral of the Rockies (717 N 11th St)

Saturday, last of the month St. Michaels (528 N 8th St)

Food Boxes to go:

Mondays: 5pm-7pm First Presbyterian (950 W. State St)

Saturdays: 9am-11am True Hope First Baptist (607 N 13th St)

Food Banks/Pantries:

Monday 1-3pm St John’s (775 N 8th st between parish office and the cathedral)

Tues, Wed, Thurs 10am-3pm Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (6200 N Garret St. Garden City 83714)

Monday-Thursday, noon-3pm Mountainview Fellowship (3000 N Esquire Drive, Boise)

Other ongoing services provided by faith communities:

Diaper bank: Mon-Wed, 1pm-4pm (Cathedral of the Rockies, 717 N 11th st)